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Full name

Maxx Marshall


Art Director and 2D/3D Artist


Bellevue WA


Working with AMAZING PEOPLE at AMAZING COMPANIES on AMAZING AAA TITLES is how Maxx Marshall spends his time.


Sketching Star Wars and Ghostbusters doodles as a tiny child at the side of his NASA heat tile draughtswoman mom's art table on discarded green and white perforated printer paper was only the beginning. Eventually Maxx turned creating Aliens, Monsters, Demons, Zombies, Spaceships, Space Cruisers, Fairy Folk, etc. for Blizzard, Sony, Marvel Comics, FOX, Griptonite, DC Comics, THQ, Midway, Eidos, and others into a career. Working primarily as a 2D/3D Artist in the Videogame Industry, Maxx continues to branch out with works in Comic Books, Artbooks, Trading Cards and Magazines.